Autumn wreath

We collected some autumn leaves a few days ago and melted some beeswax. (Our beeswax is red because I added some old bits of colored beeswax candles to our pot.)

We then dipped the leaves in the wax. All of the kids had a go at it. They were dry within minutes.

To assemble the wreath, I hot glued the leaves onto an old wooden wreath base that I had in my garage. It is lovely!

Our first day

Today we began our new school year. Ninth grade for my 14 year old. Third grade for my 9 year old. And second year kindergarten for my 5 year old. We covered a lot and had a good start. Tomorrow, the mother (me) needs to work on having a wee bit more patience and on being ‘unflappable’ as they say.

Following are my week’s plans for each older child, along with the weekly paper I give them so they know what to expect and accomplish each day.

Grade three:

Grade nine:

Three years ago, I had this last minute idea to do a mini survey of the kids on the first day of school. So I quickly wrote this up. I’ve been making photo copies every year. Today was their 4th time filling it out. They all enjoyed hearing their responses from years past.

We always start the morning out with a walk. Our goal is to be home by 8:30am to get started on our day.

I had the 3rd grader prepare our morning snack.

Teaching the third grader crochet. He’s a good knitter already. The ninth grader is also doing crochet for handwork time because we never got very far with it when he was younger (he started late with Waldorf). They will both be making washcloths to begin.

My chalk drawing for third grade. Last night when i was drawing this, i decided that I must make a new chalkboard. This one wasn’t done properly, as I used a brush to apply primer and the primer left ridges. It is very frustrating. On the left hand side on the small chalkboard, are his math facts for the week.

We will be dying yarn this week, before the weather gets cold. We will be well stocked with yarn for crocheting!


My new handwork interest is making dolls. It’s so gratifying to make a beautiful doll with your hands that your child loves. This was an area that used to totally overwhelm me and I thought there was no way i could ever manage learning it.

My confidence first started to bud when I came across a video course for doll making. It was wonderful and helped me to make a beautiful 12 inch Waldorf doll by hand. My only problem with the course is that it is ALL on video. This makes it difficult to reference without sitting and watching something. And this contributed to the doll taking me several months to complete. That wasn’t sustainable.

So I decided to get something in print. Serendipity led me to these two books.

The first book is a wonderful treasury of patterns and instructions for all types of dolls. I’m slowly working my way up to the large limbed doll. The second book does have some simple patterns, but I mostly love it for the written content. The entire first half of the book explains the importance of doll play.

I just recently made some small dolls and thought I’d document the process. I made a twin set of dolls for my daughter and her friend. This was my first time making this pattern. I’m not sure how many hours it took as it was broken up over a number of evenings, and there was even a gap of a few weeks, as I ran out of doll hair yarn.

My next doll project is a doll for my almost 1 year old. My crafting time is limited to evenings most days but I hope to have it started and finished within the next two weeks.