My new handwork interest is making dolls. It’s so gratifying to make a beautiful doll with your hands that your child loves. This was an area that used to totally overwhelm me and I thought there was no way i could ever manage learning it.

My confidence first started to bud when I came across a video course for doll making. It was wonderful and helped me to make a beautiful 12 inch Waldorf doll by hand. My only problem with the course is that it is ALL on video. This makes it difficult to reference without sitting and watching something. And this contributed to the doll taking me several months to complete. That wasn’t sustainable.

So I decided to get something in print. Serendipity led me to these two books.

The first book is a wonderful treasury of patterns and instructions for all types of dolls. I’m slowly working my way up to the large limbed doll. The second book does have some simple patterns, but I mostly love it for the written content. The entire first half of the book explains the importance of doll play.

I just recently made some small dolls and thought I’d document the process. I made a twin set of dolls for my daughter and her friend. This was my first time making this pattern. I’m not sure how many hours it took as it was broken up over a number of evenings, and there was even a gap of a few weeks, as I ran out of doll hair yarn.

My next doll project is a doll for my almost 1 year old. My crafting time is limited to evenings most days but I hope to have it started and finished within the next two weeks.

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