Handwork loose ends

I love handwork. I love making things with my hands. I love the process and the product. Through mostly the process, as the product isn’t always what I was envisioning.

My handwork books and supplies have been in major disarray after we had to turn our craft room into the Zoo room for our guinea pigs and rabbit. Last night I finally tackled it all and it makes me want to get busy on my long list of things i want to make.

I didn’t take a before picture, but it’s so lovely now! I even have a whole drawer for my doll making supplies!

Today, I started chiseling away at my in-progress list. I decided before I dive into anything new, I had to tighten down and focus on the projects I’ve begun. The only exceptions I’ve made were for some crochet baskets that we badly needed in the play room, and a sweet little doll that was a present for my friend’s daughter.

Today I finished a sweater for my baby, and a baby hat that is now much too small for him and has become a doll hat.

This is my list now. I’m thinking I’ll work on the fairy mobile next. It’s a little kit that I bought last summer and I really want to get it made and hung up.

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