Second Grade Wrap Up

We had our last main lesson for second grade on Friday. It feels good to know we completed the year.

This year was full of stories about Saints, animals (trickster tales and Burgess animal stories), and fables. My son started memorizing his times tables and continued to practice the four processes. He learned about time (reading the clock and the months and days of the week) and money.

He continued his knitting, learning the purl stitch. He knit a lovely scarf, a hat and a chicken. His modeling, painting and block crayon drawing skills expanded.

He learned to identify nouns and verbs in his writing and his handwriting improved. His reading really took off early in the school year and now I’ll find him hiding away, reading a book when he’s supposed to be doing something else. Ha!

His fiddle playing has improved and in March, he won 2nd place in his division at the state contest.

We are in the thick of the 9 year change and therein lies my biggest struggles with him. I know he is going through big changes and adjustments internally. I’m working on supporting him and holding the space while also being the steady calm authority figure that he needs in his life right now.

Here are some photos of a sampling of his main lesson work from the year.

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