A little painting

On Mondays, i just have my younger three children at home. So, after breakfast, chores and a short walk, we got busy with our day. It’s usually 8:30-9am at this point.

We always start a school day with circle time. This involves my 8 year old, 5 year old and baby. We sing songs and say verses, and sometimes read a story. We’ve been learning Spanish songs as well, and are working on our third one at the moment. I also use circle time to practice skip counting with my 2nd grader. Because little sister can feel left out of that activity, I’ve been teaching her some jump rope rhymes while we do hand clapping together. She thinks this is brilliant and loves it! I’ll likely do a whole blog post on circle time, as i could say much about it.

After circle , i set my 2nd grader up with a book for reading to himself (a fiction book of his choice at the moment. He’s reading a Ramona book) while i focused on the kindergartner. I tell her her story and we play a little bit. This probably last 15-30 minutes. By then, she’s content and wants to go play on her own usually. I might stop and make snack at this point, depending upon the time.

It is then time for my 2nd grader’s main lesson. We are currently doing a fable block. So I told him a story a crocodile and a monkey. He loved it. Then we had a watercolor lesson, painting a picture to go with the story. Little sister painted her own paintings along with us. The baby was thankfully asleep on my back.

After this we sat and did handwork. The 8 year old started a knitting project and the 5 year old finished up a sewing project while I mended some clothing.

Fiddle practice came next for the 8 year old and then he practiced his form drawing a bit on he chalkboard (no pictures, I’ll get some later this week.)

The afternoon was free and the kids played outside for most of it, in spite of the rain. We have a second wave of chores that happen at 4pm, and that’s when they usually head in for the day.

More to come tomorrow.

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