Meet Ella


Ella is one of our first four chickens that we brought home last summer. She was 3 months old at the time, so she just turned 1. She’s an Americauna.

Ella used to be my least favorite chicken, I’ll admit. I love them all, but she’s is such a funny looking chicken and was the most stand-offish of the lot. But I think she was just warming up to us slowly and her personality isn’t as forceful as her sisters’.

This is her favorite place in our house. None of the other chickens have any interest in this corner, but for Ella, if she can sneak in the house and get here, she’s happy.


You can see that my Jade plant has made room for a chicken-sized gap. Ella also likes to sit and think about a dust bath here, but I’ve managed to catch her in time.

I caught her in the act yesterday, after she found the door had been left open:


She is the sweetest chicken. My favorite. Well, it’s hard to pick favorites. All of our chickens are sweet. She lets people hold her easily. And she really thinks she belongs in our house. Since Rose has gone broody (a month now? And still counting…) Ella is the one who tries to eat cat food if the door is open and she doesn’t feel like going to her corner.


I had to get a picture before chasing her away. (I detest them eating cat food, yuck! They are eating chicken! So, I really try not to let them do it, FYI).

She has never gone broody and probably never will. Which means, I don’t have to worry about bugs on her as much. She is a smart chicken and knows what’s going on. She is also the nicest of the hens with the baby chicks. She lays light blue eggs, which are so pretty.

My husband isn’t fond of her tendency to wake with the sun and demand to be let out by 5:30am most mornings. She doesn’t tolerate being cooped up at all. She starts loudly balking after about 5 minutes of being awake and pacing.

But, who can be mad at this face?



One thought on “Meet Ella

  1. I love chickens! I used to raise Transylvanian naked neck chicken, they look super weird, named Mr and Mrs Baldy.😂


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