Homeschool weeks 21 & 22

It’s  beginning to feel like summer. The weather is changing, of course, and the days are growing so very long (it was daylight at 5:30am am this morning!). And we are winding down our school year, but still as busy as ever as we transition to spending our days outside more and more. Baths have becomes a necessity each day as children have layers of dirt on their feet and legs by the end of the day. We’ve been enjoying watermelon again. And we’ve had to start running the fans in the house on warm days. (It makes me ever so grateful for our cool evenings!)

We are still trekking along with our lessons, though they are feeling different. Our geology block is nearly done. I. is working on a research paper on rockhounding. It is a stretch for him, I’m gently nudging him to stretch out his wings and do some writing and research, which isn’t something I’ve pushed much yet. I’m teaching him how to take notes and think about how to organize his information. Next week, he’s going to work on the composition of his paper. Writing has always been a struggle for him, and I’ve gone through phases of backing off and pushing him more. I’ve gotten better as knowing when to back off and when to push, in terms of what serves him best and keeps our relationship intact. I’ve been working on really building his confidence in writing, as I know that is the biggest block for him. So, I’m pleased with how this assignment has gone so far.

This geology block has also caused him to discover a new hobby! Rrock hounding! We’ve spent a day each weekend out exploring a new local nature spot while looking for some good rocks. This weekend with triple digits forecasted, we plan to drive a bit to get into the mountains and look for some rocks there.

In addition to geology, we also did some math, lots of knitting, music, and Gaelic (via Duolingo).

Kindergarten is much of the same. Stories. Singing.  Cooking. Playing. Penny whistle lessons. Digging in the dirt. Making fairy houses. The usual.

Last night, we transitioned the babies to sleeping outside. They did just fine in the coop. I was only slightly nervous because two of our hens are broody and mean to them right now. But, all the chickens just slept through the night, so it was fine.


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