Homeschool week 16

I don’t have much to say about this week. Things went smoothly. Lots of outside playing and working. It’s been way too hot for April here, and we’ve already had to get out the fans for our child who hates the heat.

The usual went down this week. Monday, we clean house and this week, I spent 2.5 hours driving I. back and forth to farm school. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had our usual homeschooling days. Circle time for the younger two, stories and books. Math, and knitting, and music for I. along with making progress in our Medieval block. He especially is fascinated by learning about the clothes they wore.

Fiddling. So much fiddling in our house! About 6 months ago, he told me he was done with his fiddle and that I should sell it. I didn’t. He has found a renewed interest in it a few weeks ago, and plays is all the time now. As in, sometimes that’s how I know he’s finally out of bed: I hear him playing.

Coughing. I’ve had this nasty lingering cough for weeks. I kept thinking it’d just go away. On week 3, I decided I needed to do something. Thank goodness for herbs! I found this awesome tincture called Serious Cough Soother by Wishgarden Herbs (one of my favorite companies). I also took Osha tincture. Within days, my cough was 75% better, and it almost all gone now. I’m just glad to be done with peeing in my pants all day long from my coughing attacks!

Nails. P. has been asking for nail polish for a while. I finally bought some Piggy Paints and, wow, she has just loved it! H. and P. picked out some colors.


I. took his Guinea pigs outside for the first time this week. It is adorable to watch them nibbling the grass. They love it.


I have to share one more picture. Rose, our broody hen, watching our cat taking a dust.



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