Homeschool weeks 14 &15

Not a lot of blogging time lately.  I do most of my blogging after the kids are in bed, before I go to sleep. I’ve been either sucked into politics lately or my iPad is not charged enough to blog from bed, so sleep wins.

Last week, I. was sick.  He hasn’t been sick-in-bed sick in forever!  Monday and Tuesday and most of Wednesday were spent with him resting.  By Thursday, it felt like our week was over!  We did start dipping our feet in his Medieval block that day.  I have a HUGE stack of books for the block from the library, nonfiction and fiction.

This week, I thought we’d have a ‘normal’ week (whatever that means).  But, I. then spent 2 days flipping out.  At me.  At his siblings.  It was bad.  And sad.  Sometimes when it gets like this, I feel like I’ve hit the bottom and can only come back up.  And, in some ways, that is probably true.  I feel like we’ve turned a new corner with him.  We had some heavy talks on Wednesday.  And the air seems to have cleared.  I bought him a flower essence which fits him exactly, and it seems to be helping, too.  Thursday was good.  He didn’t scream and fight or throw things.  And he did his chores and school work, and still had time for fiddling (which is what he does with most of his free time lately).

Amid all of the above, our hens got their first bug infestation. Chicken lice. Two of our four girls are broody and they had it worst. I was very freaked out and ran to the farm store for treatment. But once I got home and really started reading the bottle, I had second thoughts. The list of warnings and precautions was long and scary. And I was about to go sprinkle it on my chickens? Yikes. I then found a study that said the chemical reside was still found in the eggs 3 weeks after treatment. Um, no. That wasn’t something I wanted to use. Determined to find a better option, I turned to the online world. I found this article and ended up following it. Two days before, I also tried garlic juice diluted with water with come clove oil. I’m sure it works, too, but it seemed to make their skin very red. So, the wood ash it was. Thankfully I hadn’t emptied out our wood stove yet!

Two things I’d never done  in my life until this week:

  1. give a chicken a manual dust bath and rub ointment all over their bum.
  2. phone bank for a political candidate. I talked to New Yorkers for about an hour today!

The picture doesn’t capture the full effect of their appearance, but for fun: broody hens. I kicked them out of the nesting boxes, where they sit upon their imaginary eggs, and they didn’t get up from the grass for about 15 minutes.

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