Homeschool week 13

Last weekend, one of our chicks died. I had been worried about her since from the day we brought her home, she wasn’t very active and when you held her, she had almost no muscle tone. Very lethargic. She died exactly one week after coming home. I’m not sure why. She had been eating and drinking, and didn’t have any signs of disease. She was my 6 year old’s chick, and we were making breakfast when he came in the room and just said “My chick died.” His brother thought it was a joke. He then went to go dig a hole for the baby in our back yard and we had a little funeral. Our backyard has a cat buried in it, a fish, and multiple birds (thanks to our feline friends). It is now also the resting place of a little week old Welsummer.

H. wanted to go to the store to get another chick, and we decided that was a good idea. We ended up coming home with three more last weekend, so we now have 5. They seem to be much happier as a bigger flock. I was worried about disease, since we had one die, so I totally cleaned their brooder before introducing the new ones. It’s been a week now and they are all doing really well. Growing, getting feathers in, very active, a few are practicing using their wings. We have one of the following:  polish (I forget which color body and crest, white or black), Amber white, Australorp, Langshan, gold laced Wyandotte.


I snapped this picture of them all sleeping.

I realize most of my pictures on this blog are chicken pictures. It is just the way it is. I don’t tend to take many photos, and I feel so conflicted with posting photos of my kids. Still on the fence about that. And the chickens are so photo-worthy. They are my little pets. Having chickens has really been positive for my own little brood.

In other non-chicken related news. Ahem. We had a full week. Made great progress in math. Business math is good stuff for I. because he can really see the relevance to real life and he enjoys that. We had a fun morning doing geometry drawings together, too.

A speech therapist came over this week. (Yes, they do only home visits! Love that!) I. asked to see one, as he has struggled always with pronouncing his L and I’ve always left it up to him to seek outside help or not. A few months ago, in tears, he said he wanted to see a speech therapist. I knew it was becoming something he felt self-conscious about, even though it wasn’t that severe. Anyhow, it was uneventful. Turns out she has chickens too and they talked chickens and played some games. She then said she doesn’t hear any problem and thinks it’s just fine. Fact is, this past month, it has been sounding better and I know he’s been really practicing on his own. For a moment, I figured that I’d wasted money paying for a visit. But, as soon as she left, I. says to me that that was what he needed, affirmation for a professional that he talks just fine. So, money well spent.

We headed out to the forest today for a hike. Last week while reading a most excellent little book to the two younger ones, H. tells me that he’s never been in a forest wilderness. I know this isn’t technically true. But if this is his perception then, whoa. I need to make some changes! So, I planned for today to be a forest day. We went and hiked in some old growth forest with two waterfalls and it was fantastic. So peaceful. We were the only ones there.  I didn’t have a camera, so no photos. A few miles away from the trailhead, the road goes through clear-cutting. That was heartbreaking and felt very heavy to drive through. Usually, I just see the clear-cutting from a distance. This was on a long winding road through a ton of clear-cutting everywhere we looked. It felt like a crime scene, very heavy and hurt. Sigh.

I have more blog posts brewing on non-school related topics. Though chickens may appear. But for now, I’ll just leave you with this photo of our hens sunning themselves.


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