I’m not sure I’m ready, but it’s Spring! The equinox sort of crept up on me as the last week and a half was a blurry haze. If it’s not pouring rain, we’ll be making our annual vernal equinox fire outside in our fire pit and throwing in some of our winter socks to say goodbye to winter. The kids LOVE this tradition.

My fever lifted  within 18 hours, thankfully! I bundle up and sweat it off, while drinking tons of water and vitamin c. Yesterday, I felt well enough to get outside and breath some fresh air, though I was still wreaked and had a bad headache.i took the day off again.

And we somehow ended up with these beauties.


The kids are beyond excited. Each one picked one out. A Wellsummer, an Amber White, and a white crested black Polish.

I now commence to deal with the aftermath of being sick. My house looks like it’s had three children in it, eating and playing, and no one cleaning. Oh yeah, it HAS. My dear husband just gets into overwhelm so fast when I’m down for the count, and he managed the best he could, especially since he was working in Friday. The laundry hasn’t been touched, including the two baskets of clean laundry washed on Thursday. There is stuff everywhere, in each room. The kitchen… Oh, the kitchen. It is fitting, I suppose, to spend the vernal equinox cleaning up. Everyone will be helping, don’t worry. Spring cleaning!



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