Living with Zen masters

“True spirituality doesn’t happen in a cave or at the top of a mountain. It’s down here, wiping a runny nose playing yet another round of Candyland, or rocking a colicky baby at two in the morning. The Buddha is crying in the next room. How you handle that is as evolved and as spiritual as it gets.”
– Susan Stiffelman, MFT

Susan Stiffelman is one of my favorite parenting resources (right up there with Dr. Laura Markham). This quote of hers has been in my head all day.

I like to joke that I’m lucky because I don’t need to go live with monks up on a mountain, because I have three of my very own zen masters under my own roof. They are masters at being in the moment and demanding the same of me. I get to practice this stuff in real life, not in a bubble. And if I mess it (often), don’t worry. Here’s another opportunity coming at me right…NOW. (Repeat all day long.)

Synchronicity brought this awesome article  into my feed today. Thank you. Just what I needed to read today.

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