Homeschool – week 9

This week we started a 4 week math block. We do math daily the whole school year, but during out math blocks, we really focus on it and introduce more new stuff, or have fun with geometric drawing, etc.

Tuesday being my birthday, I. apparently felt it was a holiday and refused to do much of anything, but we got lots of math done on Wednesday and Thursday. He also discovered that he really likes percentages. In Waldorf, 6th grade includes business math, so there will much more percentages in the coming weeks. He’s getting closer to his model mosque being finished, it just needs painting.

P. And H. spent the week playing (their work). We are planning some outings in the morning tomorrow followed by watercoloring, including some color stories.

The week really just sped by, and so did each day. I am facing such a huge learning curve still on this homemaking thing, coupled with really grappling with how to best guide my oldest, day to day. It can feel so tough. I had a few mommy meltdowns this week, which I haven’t had in a while. Emotions have been really intense for me this week.

Tonight when meditating on our week, I had some sudden realizations about I. specifically. We need to get back to working on will-building activities. To being with, I’m going to start spending 30 minutes sitting with I. while he does a hand sewing project (and I’ll work on some other handwork). When we’ve done handwork like this in the past, I’ve noticed such a huge change in him, yet somehow it has fallen by the wayside in our busy days. Time to make it a priority. I will also get back to writing for I. a weekly/daily to-do list. He does so much better having it written out, rather than me telling him orally what needs to happen. This isn’t a chore list, but encompasses everything. Homeschool work, hygiene (shower, teeth), music practice, Guinea pig duties, etc. Since Christmas I haven’t really done this, and I think it’s time to get back to it.

I know how easy it is to read about other people’s lives and envision that they have it all together, or that their life seems to flow so easily, etc. Well, maybe not everyone does that, but I do.  Which is one reason I really limit my time on places like Pinterest, other blogs, and even social media. On the flip side, as someone writing a blog, I know how easy it is to portray my life through rose colored glasses. For one thing, it feel satisfying to recount the ‘good’ stuff, and additionally, it can be really hard to admit the ‘hard’ stuff, especially when it involves myself and my parenting mishaps. I also know how validating and supportive it feels to hear that other people struggle with x,y, z just like I do! Also, just like I tell my husband sometimes, I’m not looking for advice or to be reminded to appreciate these days of chaos. I’m just sharing to be heard. Because I’m home a whole lot with no other adults around. In fact, I can go days without speaking to anyone except my kids and husband. So, what I’m getting at here, I suppose, is simply that I am doing my best to share the uplifting stuff, but also the real stuff. I’m embracing it all.

On that note, how about a picture (or three)? This is what happens if we leave our back door open at all. Four chickens who want to be house pets.  You can’t see them well, but in the first picture, two of our (black) cats are sitting there, watching them. imageimageimage

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